Oct 16, 06

Been working on a saddle today. I now have two fresh bandages, covering two fresh cuts on my finger, from being too stupid or lazy, or whatever else you want to call it, to stop and take the time to sharpen my knives and leather working tools.

I don’t remember hardly ever cutting myself with a sharp knife. It’s always a dull one, that I am trying to hard to push thru’, whatever I am trying to cut.

“A sharp knife cuts the quickest and heals the fastest” comes to mind!

When I had a couple of different young men here who were learning what I knew about making saddles, getting them to sharpen a dull tool, was one of the hardest problems I had with them. They always thought that they didn’t want to take time to sharpen a dull tool, and that they would get done faster if they didn’t stop, to sharpen a dull tool. I preached and preached to them that in reality, they would get done quicker with a sharp tool. And now I ain’t smart enought to remember my own advice!

I think people need to remember that our saddle horses are tools also. And if we just take time to sharpen them up in their skills when they get dull, they will be an even better tool. I don’t mean whipping and spurring, but taking the time it takes, to make them better. As Bill Dorrance said, “If you don’t have the time it takes to do it right, you might as well not even take the time” or something close to that, anyway! I think more of us should listen to the advice of a wise old horseman and do just that.

There are probably lots of things in life that pretty much fit this theme. maybe if we spent more time with our families, we would have better relationships. If we don’t have time to spend on the things in life that are truely important, than what’s the use in whatever we are doing?

Lets see if we can’t “take the time it takes”, to do whatever we are doing. After all, “A job worth doing, is worth doing right”.

Keep your “tools” sharp and maybe you won’t go hurting yourself or those around you. And perhaps life will be a lot easier.

One thought on “Oct 16, 06

  1. Hey Dad,
    The web site is lookin AWESOME 😉
    Well thats all I can member to say other then Hello… Have a good day… C-ya later…

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