Oct 15, 06

Another beautiful fall day. Cindy and I went out this morning and opened gates, down south. We had a neighbor who needed a few weeks of grass and we have a little left over. So we opened up all the gates so the cattle could graze thru’ all the pastures.

I think because of the rotational grazing we do with the stocker cattle, we always seem to have some grass left over. While it’s nice to have some grass to catch snow and protect the new grass, that will start in the spring, it’s also nice to help out a neighbor. This is the second bunch of cattle we have taken for a few weeks this fall.

The other bunch belonged to our next door neighbor who had a fire in his fall pasture, this summer. It burned about 3500 acres and took a big chunk of what he was figuring on using to top off his calves and get them slicked up for the sale. He used a couple pastures that were very lightly grazed this summer. He took them home the other day, as he’s about to ship them. There seems to be quite a bit of grass left. Hope it last this other guy long enough to do him some good. If nothing else, at least his cows will be closer to home, if winter decides to come moving in!

I worked on a saddle this afternoon, after fixing a broken gate and returning my horse herd back to where they had escaped too! They sure thought they had gotten away with something.

Nothing was hurt by it and now the younger ones have gotten to see some new ground that they will have to pack us across, someday! Everything always turns out for the best, doesn’t it

Hope you had as nice a day as I did.

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