0ct 4, 06

We had overcast skies and light drizzle for a bit this morning. Kind of cool, but it is fall.

I puttered around this morning and fed the stud and the colts. Started work on a new saddle. Hope came up about noon. We went out and worked with the weaning colts. They are all haltered and dragging halter ropes and starting to learn to give to the tug on the end of the rope. I don’t like leaving halters on horses, but this is a pretty easy way to get them started learning about halters, ropes and what to do when they feel a tug. They have to learn to give to the pressure to get rid of it. And they are the ones responsible for the tug and release, so in essense, they are teaching themselves.

They all are doing great and we moved them a little further in their training and petted and fussed over all of them. All the good habits they learn now, will just be better for them, down the line.

I’m always careful to not get them hurt and for them to find out that I am their friend, but that they have to yield to pressure. Later in their lives, when someone asks them to yield to pressure, all of this will come into play and will help them and whoever works with them. Just lke a child, the early foundation is crucial and a big step on the way to a good and productive life.

Cindy brought my niece home to spend a few days as her Mom is pretty busy for the next few days. She’s a cutie and it’s just about like being around another colt! Lessons, life is full of them.

I tried to post a picture of the colts, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. When I do, I will start posting some pictures.

One thought on “0ct 4, 06

  1. Hi Robert, Cindy and your gang,

    This is your cousin Pat in Eau claire, Wi. Marlene sent me you e-mail so I clicked on the link for your website. It’s pretty net. It’s nice to hear about your family. Grandkids – congratulations! have fun with them. My son, Scot is going to college in Wahpeton, ND for heating, and air conditioning. he loves it there. I’m back in school again – for nursing.
    I’d better go for now. Take care! Pat

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