Second post

I am setting here listening to Cowboy Culture Society and just havin’ a great time!

We took our Danish visitors back to the airport today. they seemed kind of wistful, but ready to go back to their normal life. Vagn had never been away from his wife of 40 some years, for more than a day or two, until this trip. So he was anxious to get back to her.

We got some new kitchen chairs. Oak and made solid. They will match well with the table my grandfather bought around1919. Dad was born in 1914 and said he could remember when he could’nt see over the top! So it’s got some age, but mom and dad got it re-done in the 70’s. I guess it’s about time for us to do it again!

Both table and chair look well with the newley cleaned and refinished oak floor in the kitchen. We keep this, and we might even get respectable!

2 thoughts on “Second post

  1. I just want to take a few minutes and tell you my story. It is very quiet at our house today. The first time we haven’t had company in a while. We have been doing some renovations on the house, and had to get back to that today. Maybe someday that will get finished. I need to be baking a birthday cake for our second son, Tate. He turns 24 tomorrow. We are supposed to go and have supper with them and the grandson. I best get busy. I have to get back to work in the morning, so my goof off time is limited. I have never done this blog thing before. I figured maybe it was time. Can’t beat them join them I guess.

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