Well, I guess summer is here. June 21st is the start date, I think. Longest day of the year. Most daylight anyway.

It is odd how my thinking has changed over the years. 

I remember as a child, I couldn’t wait for summer and freedom from school. Of course I had to work, help putting up hay and other seasonal chores, but I also got to go fishing and swimming. Hot never seemed that bad, back then. Or cold, either for that matter.

Now hot is hot! And it seems like it doesn’t have to get nearly as warm for me to think it is hot. And, for that matter, cold seems colder also. I ain’t sure if I got smarter or weaker!

I used to look forward to the Fourth and fireworks  also. Now I think more of what we have lost in this country, with all the changes. Seems like we were more patriotic all those years ago. Independence Day! Wow! And all it stood for. I was proud of where I was from and I had heard stories of how our country had struggled and the sacrifices made by our ancestors so we could live in a country that was ruled by laws and not kings. We studied it every year in school. There were movies and books about it. 

Don’t seem like anyone is interested in that any more. I guess I will have to ask my grandkids and see what they know about it.

I am still proud of the area I live in and the people around here and how we all live and the work we do. Seems like there are so many who think we are wrong in our thinking and what and how we live. That is pretty sad, when I think of all those who sacrificed so we could. And that so many misunderstand us and the work we all do and why we do it. Too bad we can’t get the real story out instead of there made up stories on TV and the movies, about this lifestyle and work.

Maybe people will start paying more attention and we can all be proud this 4th of July. Quit looking at what is wrong in this country and celebrate what is right.

I sure hope so.

I hope you and yours have a great celebration on the 4th and remember why we celebrate it.



Too dry. 

Man, I hate it when it’s too dry.

When you have cold winter temps.. you kind of figure on it, prepare, have feed available or the means to get it. And if it doesn’t get cold and stay that way for a long time, so much the better.

When you have drought, even if you have planned for it, it still ain’t no fun. You can’t just haul in more pasture. 

If it is not real widespread, you might be able to effectively afford to ship cattle to an area with abundant grass for grazing. But usually the abundance is a long ways away and it really isn’t economically possible. You can sort off the best of your pairs or replacement heifers and send them away for awhile and sell down the rest. It never seems to work to good for some reason. Most cattle have been bred for the environment they live in. In this area, moderate rain fall, short grass, high protein. If you ship them out, it is to an area with higher rainfall, more lush feed with lower protein content. They can adapt.. but when you try to bring them back to a more desert area, it just never seems to work very good.

The last time we were bad dry, a neighbor shipped his older cows off to the corn country and had them wintered. He sold the ones he thought were the poorer half and brought the other half home, in the spring. Tho’ many of us had been telling him his cows had gotten much bigger than he thought they were, that was the first time he had proof of it. The ones he sold amazed him how much they weighed. They had been eating ample feed and really filled out and did well. He was shocked. I never did hear how the cows he brought home did. But my guess is they worked themselves out of the herd within a few years. Hard to take a skinny cow that has been fat and get her to cycle and breed back.

I am not sure how we will survive this dry spell. We have been doing it since my ancestors settled here at the turn of the century. In the past we have bought expensive feed to get by. It didn’t work. Then we sold down the next time. That wasn’t a good plan either. As an older rancher who is a bit of a cattle trader told me, “There is no right plan during a drought”. I guess he is right.

I am sure glad God has it all figured out. As I am just muddling along. But I have faith it will all work out according to His plan. Just kind of wish He’d let me in on it! 

Here is hoping everyone gets some good rains to help out!


Friday night when I got home I had a pain in my side.. thought it was gas..couldn't sleep.. finally when Cindy woke up at about 4 we decided I better go to the doctor.. after much checking, they decided I needed my appendix taken out.
 So they made an appointment with a surgeon in Spearfish, we drove there and about 3:30 Saturday afternoon I woke up with a bad trippy drug induced mind, some extra holes in my hide and we headed home. Everything was way weird, ok, even for me,  but Cindy did a great job driving me home, tho' I was sure we were going to die at any minute because 15 mph felt like 60 mph and the car was so jerky. 
Guess I will never make it as a druggie...paranoia and weirdness are not my bag.. so now we know one more drug that doesn't work for me. 
I told the Doctor I liked Demoral for pain medicine and any kind of drug like morphine or similar didn't work. He said Demoral was old fashioned and they didn't use it any more... guess what, it is the only one that works for me.           
    Doctors and nurses were all very nice, but you sure find out what it feel like being a cow and run thru' the chute!
So today, we needed to sort some cattle. Chance and the crew could handle it, but I felt good enough to wander down and watch awhile.. then I stole my horse who Gus was riding and made him go get another one. 
Felt good! Way more comfortable than my easy chair or a bed.
We quit for lunch and they went back out to finish up by bringing another bunch in. I was going to stay in the house, but got ancy and uncomfortable, so went back out. Gus was riding my nice young horse, so I stole him and made him ride the other horse I had ridden earlier.  
    Even better! This young horse is easy to get along with and pretty smooth.
I guess what they say is right. The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. And before you start calling and writing and cussing me for a fool, I did use a mounting aid to get on. And I felt better after the ride than before. Matter of fact only thing that is sore is my right side where I tried to stretch and yawn this morning and I must have pulled something.. but it isn’t bad.. just sore.           
    Amazing what the medical profession can do these days. 
    Now, if I can just get them to use Demoral again!

Decoration Day

It is Memorial Day as I write this.

So many thoughts as this day goes by. My great Grandfather was in the Civil War. My grandfather missed out on WWI. My Dad and one of his brothers were both listed as 4F but the youngest did serve in the European Theater in WWII. He never said much about it. Other than to say when they shipped home it was on a banana boat and there were thousands of sick men on it from the 11 days at sea and rough passage. 

My older brother enlisted at the end of the Viet Nam war. I was in between. My middle son served in Iraq. He doesn’t talk too much about it. Cindy has a nephew who has been over to the sandbox 3 times.

All those wars. All those fine men and women who went and did what was asked of them. It always chokes me up when I think of them and the ones who are still enlisting. Willing to put their butt on the line at any given moment. 

Some say, well, I just was a cook or a mechanic or a paper pusher. I don’t care. You went! And thank you all for doing so. 

And thanks to those who gave it all and did not come back alive, or the ones who did but suffered for ever after from the effect of what they went thru’.

That is courage. That is bravery.

THOSE are MY hero’s.

Thank you Lord for sending us men and women who did what they did.

Rain! We got some! Sure is great stuff. Grass looks better and it smells wonderful. I guess everything looks better after a bath!

We have been working on a water project. Not going the way I planned, but you would think I would expect that, because it always seems to go that way. Things I didn’t think about that have to be dealt with and crop up. But when all the work, worry and sweat are over, it will be worth it and the pain and misery of it forgotten. At least by me! I can’t seem to remember much of any thing any more. I bought a small notebook to keep in my pocket, to write things down, so I wouldn’t forget them, but I can’t remember where I put it! I guess I could make note on the phone I have in my pocket, but I would forget how to go back and find them, I am sure!

Coming home from a branding the other day with a couple grandkids and they were telling me about their school work. Something was mentioned about the computers they worked on in school. My granddaughter asked me, “Grampa, what kind of computer did you do your school work on? “

When I told her that we didn’t have computers back then, her eyes got real big. I then explained that there were computers in the world, but they would have been about the size of the pickup and trailer we were riding in and pulling. I told her the the computer in my pocket, which is a phone and many other things, would be so much more powerful and do so much more than those old computers that were so big back then. Then I started telling them about all the things we have now that we didn’t back then. Like microwaves. And that all the food came unprepared. Except for pot pies and TV dinners. TV dinners took some explaining!

I remember my dad, who was born in 1914, telling me, that when he was a kid and the first cars started coming around, people were saying that by the time he was older, everyone would have a flying car. And he was pretty disgusted that in his old age he still didn’t have a flying car!

I saw awhile back, where they had made a drone that you could ride in and fly low, over the ground. Yeah, baby, that is what I am waiting for!

I sure hope your getting rain and we all get a bunch more!


Sure has been nice weather. Only way it could be better is if it was raining every day! I see some have been getting some moisture. Hope someone ordered more for this area!

Calving is about wrapped up. Ours have calved out pretty steady. Gramma and I pulled a slick one the other day. While checking the drop bunch, there was quite a bunch close to a gate so with some fancy foot work by my little jitney, and some older cows who new the drill, we got quite a big bunch of them pairs kicked out. Took a little patience and it maybe ain’t the cowboy way, but when you get older, you tend to get smarter…sure saved us some time kicking them out and there was getting to be a lot in there. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. 

Wonder where that expression came from? Who in the heck skins cats? Or are they talking about skinning a cat as in a Caterpillar type cat that you can push and dig in the dirt with.? And if so, what do they mean by it…? If anyone knows, I’d appreciate them telling me! These kinds of questions keep me awake at night!

Had some runt cowpunchers up here this evening.. riding the little ponies and half ponies. Getting ready for an upcoming branding, I guess. I sure will be glad when they get big enough to catch my horse and saddle and bridle him for me.

We have a water project in the works. Bringing water from one well that has better water and switching the well we use now to just livestock water. Criss crossing of lines.. trying not to hit any electrical or phone lines. The guy broke down Friday afternoon late and had to repair. My feet were shot and I ain’t no help at mechanic works so I quit and went to the house. I guess he told Chance he will be back in a few days… so we have some big holes around, waiting to hook and un hook lines.. got a partial ditch to put pipe in and finish when he gets back. I was smart enough to take some photos and draw a little map, so down the road, maybe someone will have an idea where all these lines are at. Sure wish Dad and I had thought of that all those years back when we first started putting in lines around the buildings. So far we haven’t struck gold or oil so I guess God still doesn’t want me to get rich. Probably figures I’d just waste it on land and cattle!

Here’s hope by the next time I write we are all fighting mud!


Branding season.

We kind of have calving and branding seasons running together. Most of our neighbors start calving about a month or so ahead of us.. and many are trying to get branded up so they can get them to summer pasture. We aren’t hauling any anywhere else for summer this year.. other than some steers hauled to the sale barn, if the dang market would get better. I know, I know, greedy ain’t I? I would like to get paid for wintering them!

The last heifer calved awhile back, so calving is getting better. But I am wishing we were leasing bulls instead of owning them.. when I checked cows this morning both the new bulls who were still supposed to be in the corral, had escaped and were out with the drop bunch. I guess if they had to be with one of the bunches, that was the best as none are cycling right now. Either still haven’t calved or haven’t calved long enough to cycle. There were some heifer yearlings out there, but I don’t think they are cycling either. Guess we will find out when we preg this fall!

Then a neighbor stopped in to say we had a bull on the road. Wasn’t too big of a deal getting him back, but he and some others were in a pasture they weren’t supposed to be in. Me and the dogs got them relocated, found the open gate they had come thru’ and shut it. And then noticed some more yearlings and a cow with a fairly new baby calf, in another pasture. I knew the cow was out there but had forgotten about her. Really didn’t think she was going to enjoy all the attention from 16 bulls when she started to cycle, so went back with my horse and got her sorted off and where she should be across the road. Man, she was high headed rip! Her poor little calf is in training for the Preakness or something, she must think, because he had to rope to keep up with her trot! Last I saw of them, they had went thru’ the gate and were headed north at a high rate of speed. Sure hope they slowed down before they got to the next fence  a mile north!

But back to the branding.. we got all done but one more neighbor .. and of course, ours. Sure is nice to see all the neighbors and watch the little kids who are not so little anymore, wrestling calves and roping. Kids. They are the best thing we raise in this part of the country!

Here is hoping we get a bunch of rainy days!


Calving season!

Seems like we have been busy, I missed a couple of these columns or what ever it is you call what I write in here and they publish.. but my schedule has been hectic. And now branding season has started. Always enjoyable to get together with neighbors and see what everybody is up to. Kind of like Facebook only way better!

We evidently used a heifer bull who wasn’t a very good heifer bull last summer. Some of these two year olds are needing a lot of help. We only have one left and when she calves we are either going to get drunk to celebrate or drunk to drown our sorrow!!! I don’t remember the last time I  had to help this many heifers calve! One thing about it, we are getting pretty good at pulling them out!

Not complaining.. heck, it would do no good anyway.. just thinking out loud. On the plus side, it has been great weather. A little dry to suit most people, but it sure makes it nice for the baby calves.

I have been getting some riding on my young horse who needs a little more education. I got him as a yearling from Vern and Laurie Ward and he has just been great. As a 2 year old I sent him to a young neighbor couple who specialize in starting young horses and when I got him home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep riding him as I wanted, and he was pretty little to pack an old, fat man around, so made a deal with a young neighbor girl and she rode hm a little thru’ most of the summer. Both parties did a great job and he is a nice horse. Matter of fact, I liked him so well, we went back last fall and got two more from Vern and Laurie. I say both their names, but really only got to see Laurie.. that dang Vern stays busy!

Speaking of horses, have you kept up with the horse market? Seems like everybody must want one as they are sure bringing some good money and if you want a team to drive you better have some deep pockets. I am not sure if Covid had anything to do with it or what, but they are pricey. It’s about time these folks who raise some good ones got paid what they are really worth.. makes it a little tough on the checkbook if you want one, but what I notice, they are still quite a bit cheaper than them four wheelers and side by sides, most have went to. Those things are handy, but I done see any of them that can do what a horse can, and they don’t run on grass and hay like a horse!

Here is hoping your having a great spring and your calving is all done or close to it!


Ah., spring time…a time of wonderful weather, balmy, sunny, calm.. but not in Mudville! Or much of this country, very often, either. The calendar tells us it’s spring, but those of us who have lived here very long know that we can have spring blizzards. And dust storms. 

Yes, it can be very nice. But we usually get wind and some snow and hopefully rain. And we all could use some moisture! And it’s coming. We don’t know when or how much, but we are one day closer.

Many have been calving. We are just getting started. We have some first calf heifers and evidently one of the bulls we used last year is throwing some bigger calves. And one tonight, was in there backwards! Not sure what causes that and at times a cow can have a backwards calf. I know on one occasion as I was feeding, I saw a cow with the feet pointed skyward from the calf who was trying to escape the womb…As soon as I got done, I caught a horse and rode to get her in, only to find she had him on her own and she was licking him off and he was fine. Others have told me similar instances.

This evening as I was feeding (we have the cattle in close because of the beautiful weather, Haha!) and as I was feeding I saw a first calf heifer, two feet sticking out, bottoms of the feet pointed skyward…so I hurried and saddled a horse (sure was glad I had one in the corral!) and rode out to bring her in.. she resisted, but seeing as I was on a big, stout, cow eating booger and I had a rope, me and ol’ Pilgrim won the battle. Got her in the shed and as luck would have it, reinforcements had shown up in the form of Chance and Ryan and some grand kids. A good thing too because she was on the fight  (and who wouldn’t be with a big calf trying to come out backwards) and we got her necked to a gentle post in the shed and got the calf pulled. He was big and pulled hard. Oh the joy of calving heifers!

At last check she was still not in a mood to be trifled with and the calf was alive. Hopefully he will be up and sucked when I go check early in the morning.

Here is hoping we get some warm rains and lots of it in the next 90 days or so.

I hope everyone had a happy and Blessed Easter. We did, all the kids and grandkids and a couple extras were here. Such nice weather too!

Cindy and I hauled some cull bulls to the sale barn today and then when we got home I got a call from a male grandson, asking if I was done sorting bulls. I said I was and had hauled them. He said he wanted to help. So I told him I was sorry, but I was going to go tear out and roll up some old fence if he wanted to help do that. You bet! He is 7 and thinks getting to help Grampa is a big deal. So I went and got him and then we stopped and got Gramma and we all went up and went to work. I helped them get started taking the wire off and then I went to rolling the wire up, afoot… there is an art to it.

I remember many years ago when a neighbor moved back to the family ranch and he was going to run sheep so needed to add wire to the 3 strand fence. There was a large farm out on the gumbo and they let him have the wire off the existing fences, for removing it. Several of us went and helped him for a few days. Man, he could almost trot and roll up barbed wire. It was amazing.. we started out side by side and it wasn’t long and he was a long ways ahead of me. And it wasn’t that I had never done it, but he had made it into an art form! Every time I roll up wire I think of that.

I suppose in this day and age, rolling wire by hand is probably scorned on. After all, we have wire rollers that you can buy and it rolls it up. Or you can roll it up on a pipe with a loader mounted post hole digger. Chance and his kids tore out quite a bit of fence for some people a couple summers ago and then rebuilt with all new material. They didn’t want the old wire so he just rolled it up on pipes and I guess they hauled it in and sold it for scrap price. 

Different times! Not long ago I would have tore it down, rolled it up by hand and then brought it home to use. But they were in too much of a hurry to save it or any of the posts. Wanted everything new.

I am a believer in two wire barbed wire fences. When you have those, you will never over graze. As the cattle will just crawl out and go where the feed is better!

Here’s hoping your getting all your spring work done while we have this lovely weather!