We got a good rain this past week! Wonderful stuff! Washes the dust off and makes everything look better. Cooled the temps down for a bit.

Here it is August already. How did that happen? Seems like it was the first of June just a few days ago. Days of 76 is over. Cheyenne is over. Now it’s Rally time.

I heard someone predicted we might get a million visitors for the Rally this year! Doesn’t hardly seem possible, but it could happen. Lots of people come to this area this time of year.

I have devised a plan that would be great for our part of the country. We all all need to catch Grasshoppers. Put them in air tight containers and then get everybody who comes to visit to take them home with them. Heck, our local governments could even mandate it. 

Just think of how they would clean this country out of a pest! We could even call it Hoppers for Harley’s or some such! Let the bikers know it is for a good cause.. maybe mark one hopper and make it worth a thousand bucks or something and many would buy them. Like a lottery ticket. They would even catch their own or pay somebody to catch them for them. Lots of jobs for the kids before they head back to school!

Looks like some of our forward thinking local politicians would get behind it. Must be some way to tax it and use the money for a good cause. We could have prizes for the largest hopper. The smallest. The prettiest, the ugliest! Shoot.. just need some promoter types to think about it and get behind it. Maybe some fish farm would pay for all the hoppers when we are done with them for fish food.

I have been trying to teach my cows to catch and eat them, but so far no luck. I don’t know if the cows are lazy or the hoppers just don’t taste good. I know people in other countries eat them. I seen in Lonesome Dove where the cook cooked some up for the crew.

There has got to be some way we can utilize all these dang hoppers we been raising. We just need smart people to work on it. I suppose we could get a government grant to pay researchers to do it. Of course by the time they got it all set up and figured anything out we would be out of hoppers. But we could be all prepared for the next time they get thick.

There are no problems, just opportunities, some old guy said once. Maybe it was Jim Thompson…or Mick Harrison!

Have a hopping week, fine folks!

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  1. Nice job Brother !
    Your other beautiful half has done a nice job motivating you to build saddles !
    Around here in Europe you’d have made a career with it !

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