Seems like it is supposed to get warmer. Many people are pretty put out that it is going to get up into the 90’s!

I guess I am old. Seems like most of my life when July comes around we always expected it to get hot! Since when is it supposed to be cool in July?

Reminds me of the people who talk about Climate Change. Hasn’t the climate always changed around these parts? On our ranch, we have dinosaur bones and lots of evidence of the time when this country was covered in water and was either an inland ocean or a swamp. So… when did that change? East of here across the Missouri river  they talk of the glaciers that came down from the north and formed the land. So when did that change?

As I child I remember when winter started around the first of November and seemed to last into the end of April or maybe first part of May. As a young adult I remember similar years. Anyone remember the winters in the late 70’s? Man, we had snowdrifts as high as the eves on the barn!

And I also remember winters when people complained because there was no snow for Christmas. Cold and brown.

I remember summers that were miserably hot all summer long. And Summers that were wet and cool. Ones that were dry and hot. They don’t call this the Land of Infinite Variety for no reason! Or as has been often quoted.. “if you don’t like the weather right now, stick around for a little while.”


What in the world is normal for this country around here? Hot and dry and wet and cold. I have seen it all. I saw my father shiver at a rodeo in Faith in the first part of August. He remembered when it snowed on the 4th of July!

So, I guess if you don’t like it hot or cold, wet or dry.. and most of the time windy, this probably isn’t a good place for you to live. Because that is normal around here. I guess its because of Climate Change!

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