I got to remembering the other day. That isn’t always a good thing because it makes me see the changes that have come along in my lifetime. Yeah, I am getting old and not real happy with most of the changes.

My first 5 years of grade school were to the same one room schoolhouse my Dad had attended 44 years before that. I guess they had upgraded the heater from wood/coal to propane.. To tell the truth, I really didn’t pay much attention. I do remember when it we was and snowy out, we would all put our gloves and mittens on it to dry out as much as possible between recesses.

Then about 10:30 or so, some of the kids would put a foil wrapped potato on the stove. By lunch time they would be cooked. And that is what those kids would eat for lunch. Not sure what they put on them, but probably butter, salt and pepper. And that was their lunch. We had a tall metal pail that families took turns hauling water in. One family had a well that the water was pretty hard and when it was their turn, nobody drank much water. Our well had real soft water and the pail was usually empty by the end of the day.

We had two outdoor toilets. One for girls and one for boys. When it was real cold. No one spent much time in them either!

There were about 11 to 13 kids in the school, spread out over 8 grades. Some years there might not be any in one grade. I remember getting to watch as the older kids did their work on the board. We younger ones got lessons when we didn’t even know we were. I couldn’t  wait to get to diagram sentences! Man, that looked like fun. I remember my disappointment when I got old enough to do it and it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had thought it would be!

Many of our teachers would read aloud to us from books. We all looked forward to that. And we always had a Christmas play. Made a bunch of decorations for every holiday. Made gifts for our Mothers for Mothers day and Christmas. Seemed like much of school was fun! Dang them sneaky teachers! Making learning fun. What a trick they pulled on us.

I am 63 and can think of several teachers I had back then who are still alive today. Looking back, they must have been much younger than I thought. They were all grownups to us. Many would have been barely 20 I suppose.

Dang, now I feel old! See? That’s what happens when you start remembering!

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