November. How did that happen? Wow! Seems like it was June just a few days ago. Time flies I guess. But flies don’t time!

We got the cows all pegged, dries all hauled off to the sale. Trying to get some winter feed in. Hard to find hay and get it delivered for what I think we can afford. Shoot,I am so cheap, I want it for free! But realize that isn’t going to happen. And it is good for those who raise feed for livestock to have a good year for prices. If everybody doesn’t hit a lick once in awhile, we all go broke. And dry years sure seem to keep the truckers all busy!

Weather has been pretty nice as far as temps. Yeah, we had a little shot of early winter, but I see it has mostly melted off, up in the Hills. Around here it has greened up from the past shot of rain we got. Not growing much, but green is such a pretty color as compared to brown or gray. Especially short brown!

I have been building on a saddle. Finally got the boss to leave me a lone for a bit and seeing as I am lame, he lets me stay and work in the leather shop more. And the weather is always nice in the shop!

Speaking of lame, I went in the other day and they pulled all the stitches out of my foot where she did surgery to fix it. Told me not to come back for about a month. At that time, she will check to see if it is healed enough so she can operate on the other one.

When I was a kid, it seemed I was always at the doctors or in the hospital. Then I kind of got smarter or something and didn’t go as often. At least to the hospital. I do recall some broken bones and casts, but all in all, I kind of had a long dry spell between doctors. Things have sure changed. The cost for sure, but also all the people who work at the clinics. Of course, we didn’t have nearly as many then and those doctors we did have didn’t have the knowledge about so many of the things that doctors now do every day. Heck, if you wanted you could probably have about every bone and joint in your body replaced or fixed now. When I was a kid, if they couldn’t put a plaster cast on it or do surgery to remove something, you were out of luck.

And after going thru some of these operations, I now know what my cattle must feel like when they get shuffled thru’ a chute for all the things we do for them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I have had good luck having some great people in the medical profession work on me. But I still kind of feel like that ol’ bull who don’t want to go down the chute!

Heres hoping we have a warm, wet winter and an early spring with lots of warm rain!

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