I took off Saturday afternoon and drove to Harrison, Neb, for a gig. I went south of Hot Springs and came in at Crawford. I hate to be that guy, but man, I am jealous!

Green and hay! From Rapid City south it looked great. They had many more bales in their fields than anyone is getting in these parts. And the grass was green and pretty tall. Cows I seen were fat and sassy and enjoying the cool weather and the rain that was falling.

Harrison was shorter grass, but still pretty green. A guy I know from that area told me they had just gotten an inch of rain and it was amazing how much it changed the look of that grass in just 24 hours.

I drove on roads that showed where it had rained earlier, most of the way home. When I called Cindy to tell her I was headed home about 9 pm, she said that it was raining here. When I got home I checked the rain gauge and it showed about 1 one hundreds.. Oh well, at least it washed the grass a bit.

In the past, when ever we got a good rain and someone would comment on it, I would always reply, ‘Well, my son is a priest, so God’s going to take care of me”. I thought that was a pretty good answer. Then someone pointed out the passage in the Bible where it tells us, “He makes it to rain on the just and the unjust alike.” That kind of took the wind out of my sails!

I have thought on that passage a lot, since. Not sure what the meaning is, as like so many passages that people like to quote from the Bible, if you don’t read what comes before it or after it, in the context it was written, you can sure take the wrong meaning from it.

From my thinking on it, it means that God showers his grace and justice on everyone. And some are grateful and some are not. I ain’t no biblical scholar, just a dumb ol’ rancher, but that is my take away right now. Who knows, I might change my thinking on further reflection and conversations with people.

I sure hope and pray we get more rain soon. It is hard to see this beautiful country we all live in looking so drab when we have seen how much more beautiful it can look in it’s best green finery!

Here’s hoping we all are walking in lots of mud puddles soon and no one is cussing them!

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  1. We are getting scorched too, something about a heat dome parked over the west of the US and Canada.
    God’s mercy is for everyone, if we have the grace to accept it. His justice too, and with all the evil about the world we may be seeing more of His justice these days.

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