Well, I guess summer is here. June 21st is the start date, I think. Longest day of the year. Most daylight anyway.

It is odd how my thinking has changed over the years. 

I remember as a child, I couldn’t wait for summer and freedom from school. Of course I had to work, help putting up hay and other seasonal chores, but I also got to go fishing and swimming. Hot never seemed that bad, back then. Or cold, either for that matter.

Now hot is hot! And it seems like it doesn’t have to get nearly as warm for me to think it is hot. And, for that matter, cold seems colder also. I ain’t sure if I got smarter or weaker!

I used to look forward to the Fourth and fireworks  also. Now I think more of what we have lost in this country, with all the changes. Seems like we were more patriotic all those years ago. Independence Day! Wow! And all it stood for. I was proud of where I was from and I had heard stories of how our country had struggled and the sacrifices made by our ancestors so we could live in a country that was ruled by laws and not kings. We studied it every year in school. There were movies and books about it. 

Don’t seem like anyone is interested in that any more. I guess I will have to ask my grandkids and see what they know about it.

I am still proud of the area I live in and the people around here and how we all live and the work we do. Seems like there are so many who think we are wrong in our thinking and what and how we live. That is pretty sad, when I think of all those who sacrificed so we could. And that so many misunderstand us and the work we all do and why we do it. Too bad we can’t get the real story out instead of there made up stories on TV and the movies, about this lifestyle and work.

Maybe people will start paying more attention and we can all be proud this 4th of July. Quit looking at what is wrong in this country and celebrate what is right.

I sure hope so.

I hope you and yours have a great celebration on the 4th and remember why we celebrate it.

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