Cattle work

Today Tate Chance ands I sorted some cattle around, moved most of the bulls down to Tates, sorted a couple calves off the cows that got back in after we weaned and a couple thinner cows off and moved the cows back up the creek. It was windy and raining on us as we moved the cows. Then we had to ride and shut one gates.. sure was thankful for shop shod horse. loping across ice is fun! We got a little damp.

Calves sure are enjoying getting out of the cramped corral. Bulls we kept in are younger and need fattened up a bit. It all went well. Tate and Chance fixed fence on the hog pasture before we let the calves out and I cleaned on the big corral a bit. Sure was fun to watch the calves buck and play across the lot. Feels like spring, but it is just our January thaw. Up in the high 40’s yesterday and about 40 today. Supposed to stay fairly warm for the next few days. I will take it! Sure beats below zero weather and snow!

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