Older and colder!

I had my annual birthday yesterday. Who would have thought I would live this long?

Colder today. 0 early and probably 10 or so now. Supposed to warm up in a few days. Warming up is relative.. when it gets above freezing we will think it is pretty nice. But our southern friend think it has to be 70 to be nice!

I have been fighting with some vertigo for the last few days, so Chance has done most of the feeding. He and Tate fed grain this morning and then had to make a trip too town, as Tate is doing some finish work on the house and needed more supplies. I and the dogs fed the cattle hay. When it is cold like this it takes a lot. They are not suffering. They spend most of their day eating the hay we put out for them. Then sleeping and digesting the feed, which warms them internally. Some people wonder how livestock can handle the cold. But we need to remember, a cow in good condition and a good hair coat, like these have, is comfortable at 20 degrees. So they are fine. I remember winters when it got down to 40 below and the wind was blowing. The cattle ate what ever you gave them. All of ours are acclimated and used to the temperature extremes. 40 below in winter to over 100 in summer. And they can get behind trees and man made wind breaks and that helps them a lot.. and also getting a big drink of water that is 55 degrees when it comes out of the ground at the well.

Well, here’s hoping for a ‘nuther great year on the high plains!

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