Looks like we got a like taste of winter coming in tomorrow evening.. supposed to start off raining and then turn to snow tomorrow night or early Thursday morning.. lots of wind and temps in the 20’s/// supposed to be in the 70’s today.. so that will be nice…NOT!

Chance and I moved cows down south last week, but seeing as there could be some nasty weather, he and I and two dogs and horses went and brought them back yesterday and put them in the pasture west of us that has a creek with lots of trees.. there is good grass every where. We have to go help a neighbor move his cows home tomorrow morning, so thought we better get things prepared around here..

We also got a couple loads of hay in yesterday, so if we need to we can feed, tho’ we shouldn’t need to. We also made sure the yearling heifers were close by and can get in behind protection. There was one who needed doctored so we roped her and gave her some feel better juice. I have a fencing project going on that I may work on today, also have leather projects that need done. Gabe came and helped me re-fix the Nitro last weekend.. what we had done before came undone, hopefully we got it so it won’t do that again. I am hoping this is just a little early winter and will turn back warm and stay that way for a long time.. I enjoy winter less and less each year…

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