Been getting some rains.. froze last night.. frost on the windshields…

Chance and I and two dogs moved the cows back down south.. we’d moved them north to graze some hay ground I couldn’t get anyone to come hay and wanted to get the good out of it.. I will take that back, one guy said he would but for more than I was wiling to pay.. he wanted almost as much per ton as I can buy hay for, and it didn’t cost me anything to graze it… they have been fighting fence and getting into the neighbors, so we decided to just put them where they couldn’t do that any more..

Went and watched Gus and Sam play football this evening.. kind of a run away 36 to nothing. Gus played quite a bit, Sam played some.. hard for them to play him a lot.. he is the runt of the team..

Got some funerals to go to.. one older guy that it was expected, another guy not much older than me.. cancer and it came quick and he went pretty quick… got another neighbor fighting it, but sounds like his kind is pretty treatable.. my brother is fighting some..sure has made him look old…

Funerals, where country folk go to pay their last respect and see their neighbors, seems like..

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