Cool this morning…. chance of rain, this evening and tomorrow… guess we will take it.

I have not been able to get my messages on my cell phone, like I am supposed to, so on Wednesday, when I went to town on business, I stopped at the Verison store and questioned them and ended up with a new phone.. I had been on Straightalk, but found that when the tower is busy with Verison customers, Straightalk customers phones don’t get the signal… seems kind of sci-fi to me, but the lady said it was true.. so I got a deal with Verison and a new expensive phone…they never did get it to work, after 2 hours, but said it would… I came home and that evening couldn’t get it to work, so called them back and ended up on the house phone, off and on, for a very long time………….. finally a guy called me back and said that sometimes it just takes more time and to give it 24 hours….so I called them back after 24 hours, and the lady did some checking, finally called me back and said that is was a chip in the phone that must be bad… all this time, I am without a usable phone as they disabled the old one….Cindy is supposed to take it in with her when she goes to work and hopefully they will drop it off at her workplace so she can bring it back to me.. I told the lady I was beginning to remember why I quit Verison in the first place….also told her she should just run out to my place with the new part for it.. of course she made an excuse they had to have it in the shop… 60 miles away…. I told her that Verison ought to do something extra special nice for me, to make up for it, she said they we wait!

I went and dug a couple holes for corner posts on a short chance of fence that we are rebuilding… after I finally got the lady to leave me alone, I went out and set the corners.. Ari Cat, CC and Lige had come up to get water bottles filled and they ran the horses in and were messing around with Tonka, Ari Cat’s pony… I went to watch and “help”… Ari fell off to the side and we found out that her boots are loose enough because she popped one off and her spur.. I may or may not have been involved in the incident, depending on which witness you ask… Ari Cat gave me a hug and said she was alright…she landed pretty easy and Tonka ain’t very far off the ground… she got back on and did some more and then put him away.. I ran the girls home, Lige already having left us..

The butcher is here this morning getting a cow for Tate.. she is going to be made into hamburger… as much of a pain as she has been , crawling and jumping fences, I know we are really going to enjoy eating her! LOL

Tate and I ran up to the neighbors just before dark last night and got a couple steers he had made a deal on.. he will fatten them and butcher them. One is a steer the guy had got from me a year ago.. so he is back home.. tho’ I bet he doesn’t appreciate it.

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