Went to the neighbors this morning and helped him load lambs for the sale.. Bitty enjoyed it.. she got to get a little wool in her teeth and stare at sheep.. she loves that stuff!

I went down to Punkin Center and got some more grain for the bum calves and filled up Teddy with diesel.. one of these days I need to go get his oil change.. been almost a year and about 2000 miles… since the last oil change..

Worked in the leather shop most of the rest of the day.. working on a saddle and a belt for a guy.. I got crazy and decided to to it all carving.. man, that is a lot of carving!

Chance and I went down to Nellies this evening and had pizza for supper.. then Brad ad Chance showed up while I was working on the belt, and they petered me for awhile, then Brad decided he needed to go home..

Cindy worked the late shift today, so will be calling about 10 to say she is headed home..

Pretty good day, but my back hurts.

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