Running water

Snow is melting and water is running. the dam out east is going over the spillway.. the big dam up west is almost full.. creeks are starting to run, tho’ not all of them, where you can see it.. I imagine some is running under the snow, but where it’s on top, it is mostly bank full.. I love it!

Chance topped off Feather fro me this afternoon, tho’ it didn’t amount to anything, he was fine, so then I went out and made a ride on him. He’s nice. I want to keep riding him every day I can. We got cattle in this morning and sorted the heifers off that are supposed to stat calving May 1st. Chance tagged the two calves we got out of them already. Moved the horses so they can go north up on the rocky hill. I plan on gathering thievery day, so will keep a broke horse in and my colt. It all feels like spring work, so it must be spring!

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