Warm and wet

Ol’ Sol has been working and we have mud. Wonderful glorious mud!

I know, most people don’t like mud, but mud means warmth and snow going away and creeks and dams getting full, so I like mud. Give me a few weeks of it and I probably won’t be so high on it!

I saddled up Pilgrim this afternoon and rode him for the first time since he lost his eye.. same ol’ good feller.. maybe stumbles a bit more, but we were on uneven snow ground, so I won’t fault him. We went north and shut gates so yearlings can’t get next to one bunch of cows we have sorted off. We had to pick and choose and ride around draws where the snow was deep, but we made it. Nice to be horseback again.

Chance had a couple heifers calve this morning.. supposedly they weren’t supposed to start until around May 1, but I guess if they aren’t ones you had yourself, they can calve anytime! Both mama’s and babies are fine, but Chance is in a panic trying to figure out where to put these heifers who might calve next. He decided we needed to get a shed cleaned out and the corrals which are full of frozen and wet muck. So after I got done feeding I was helping him, me on the tractor, him in his skid loader… then the tractor started acting up, like it had water in the fuel.. we couldn’t get it running, so drug it into the shed and we are proceeding from there.. I am thinking this could be a real good opportunity and excuse to star feeding with the team.. not sure if I can talk him into it, we will see.. we can feed with the skid steer, but it isn’t quite as handy.

Anyway, we got snow melting making mud and I like it!

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