No, not real windy, just a lite breeze of 40 plus mph… couldn’t really call it a wind.. of course when it does do that and we have lows, below zero, sure takes lots of feed to keep cattle going, out in it.. our livestock all have protection to get behind, shelter belts and man made windbreaks.. but still and all, they need lots of feed to keep their inner furnaces going.. odd, why do we never see them PETA folks and such, out and about, trying to help all the poor animals out in the cold?

They claim to want to help animals, but I never see them actually doing anything to help animals… hmm.. maybe they just belong to these groups to raise money and raise hell and spend the money on stuff besides animals and their welfare? Ever see any donating to help livestock owners after bad droughts and fires and floods? Might be time someone exposed them for the lying hypocrites they are… and start throwing blood on them and other stupid stuff like they do…just a thought..

4 thoughts on “Windy?

  1. That’s right Robert! We have a snow piled up to 10 feet in the cul-de-sac frozen over the top, and I always get the weather to come from you. As a veterinarian on those cold days, it’s kind of nice to palpate a cows ovaries rectally. Warms you up! Thanks for keeping in touch! Yes -19 with the windchill all in the low zeros this week. XOXO

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  2. When I lived in Longmont Colorado, we got the 70 to 80 mile an hour west word wins going east such that everyone in our neighborhood had their address and their telephone number inscribed on there trash and recycling because who knows where it would end up when it was empty. I’m trying to lose a little weight and fit into the belt you made me. Thank you Robert you’re a great human being and a cousin give that Cindy out big hug from me

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  3. Yeah additionally, when I was working in veterinary pathology, I had to have a letter from my work to the local police department to keep on file verifying that If I call in with a pita threat outside my house, That they must take it completely seriously and get up to protect me ASAP. There have been veterinary pathologists assassinated by PETA. Perhaps they Meanwell, however they are so irrational unbalanced and uninformed.

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