Had a couple day of 20 some temps.. no wind yesterday, to speak of.. quite a country where your excited when it gets up in the 20’s!

We had a few calves get back with the other bunch of cows awhile back, so we got them I this morning and sorted them off and got a count on some cows… went good and Bitty even got to work cows..

Border Collies love to work cows, so it was like a vacation for her. She goes with me every day and rides in the tractor while I feed and she is quick to jump out of the cab if she thinks she is needed..and when she is needed it sure is handy to have her… wish I had done a better job of training on her when she was younger… but I didn’t have any sheep or small calves to train her on and a long way to drive over to Bud’s our BC training neighbor..

Supposedly the weather is gong to warm up next week, but windy..we get an inch or so of snow every night it seems.. sure ought to make the creeks run and fit dams when it thaws out ad I hope thetas real quick!My hay pile is way too low!

One thought on “Warmer

  1. Thanks for the update Robert. I get the weather report from you. What hits you one day hits me at the next day. We’ve had like two subzero weeks. Yes I love The way those border collies love to work. I am still trying to figure out a time to visit. Calving is in April you said? I have a lot of logistics to figure out. Myrtle’s memorial service in Denver was canceled or postponed because Pam is retiring then. There will be a different second memorial service in Seattle sometime at Kim’s, but Not sure whether I can make that. Take care Robert Cindy and family. XO bye-bye

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