Wednesday, Jan 23

Warmer, but windy. Got up in the 30’s this noon and afternoon… not too bad of a day.

We shipped some calves yesterday. They said that the market was softer, but I really haven’t been paying much attention to it, so couldn’t say. Calves sold alright, looked good, a bit lighter than we had thought they might be. Cattle market is in the doldrums. I found it interesting that heavier calves, that were obviously calved , starting in March and then fed better, didn’t seem to me to dollar out to where it made the owner any money… tho’ I am sure they thought it did, or they wouldn’t have done it.. ours didn’t weigh as much as most, but then we haven’t fed them anything but mothers milk grass and little hay, the past few weeks. All in all, I think ours probably made us as much as if we had fed them more and made them heavier…And ours were all born after the 1st of May.. we had a few older than that by a couple days, but we kept them home for now as they didn’t fit the group.. we just took two trailer loads.

Today a guy came to interview me for a local paper… nice feller and we had a good visit. We had kept the cattle in close yesterday, so we took them a couple bales after lunch and they followed right in the corral. We left them to clean up the hay, came back to the house and visited a bit more, then Dave left and Chance and I sorted off the calves and thinner cows. If these cows were calving in March I would be worried about the condition on a few of them, but as they will mostly calve in May, so they will be fine. We will keep the thinner cows in with the calves and feed them a full feed of hay and get some grain in for protein for them.

Got a gig this weekend in Hulett, WY. And if Lige isn’t too sick on Friday, he has a ball game I will take him to. Tate and Kass’s kids have been sick. Influenza I guess. Cindy has been fighting a real bad cold for several days now and has been plumb miserable. Not sure what it is, but I sure hope I don’t get it!

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