Friday Jan 18th, 2019

13 degrees at 11 am… about 2 inches of snow.. slight breeze, but supposed to drop lower.. supposed to get down to 5 above before tomorrow morning, then rise into the 20’s… not too bad of weather for January.. I sure have seen it much worse… cows really seem to be enjoying their hay today!

2 thoughts on “Friday Jan 18th, 2019

  1. Yes Robert, thanks for the update. I am sure the cows are enjoying their hay! When Austin and I lived in Colorado he started skiing at 2 1/2 and was an accomplished skier by age 5 downhill skiing! Then when when he was five I wanted time to try cross-country but he didn’t want to because it wasn’t fast enough and it was too much work, but I said well the great thing about cross-country skiing is that you can have as much chocolate as you want when your cross country skiing so that was a little bit motivating. We went out shortly there after it was a sunny day with Nice snow and I was surprised that no one else was out cross country skiing.… Then when we got home I noticed on the thermometer on my jacket that the temperature was 5° ha ha Ha. Later at age 6 Austin wanted to ski downhill, but I was a graduate student making $11,000 a year and I said sorry hon, it’s too expensive now for us to ski and he said what? You have to pay to ski? Well real life hits you at about age 6. Also when I got my real job when he was seven in Marshfield Wisconsin, he said mom why are we eating so much better food than before? And I said mom has a better job now… How are y’all doing? I have a lot of frequent flyer miles. What do you think if I wouldVisit you in late April? Things are topsy-turvy with the Mold invasion here and everything out of my condo , 80% thrown away 20% in the storage unit. Very minimalistic Now.I need to sell with in the next year.I am paying interest only on the HELOC loan and cannot afford the rest of the payments. I enjoy hearing from you. I hope you are all well. I called the cemetery guy In Sturgis,but he wasn’t very helpful. Maybe you can just sprinkle some on my ashes on mom’s grave. But I would like a little marker but it’s too complicated for this guy anyway. I don’t know why they couldn’t just engrave a little bit more on her headstone.Take care and hugs to everyone love Ruth

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    1. Yeah, April would probably work, when ever you can, it will work. Same with the cemetery… we will figure something out…

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