Sixty one years today, riding this big blue ball around the sun, day after day. Today has been wonderful, beautiful hoar frost all over, warm and surrounded by kids and grandkids.. Cindy is making me brownies and we will top them with home made chocolate sauce (my Mom’s recipe) and eat them with ice cream later… I have been clicking on “like” on all the posts from friends on Facebook, to where I barely had time to do much else. I am amazed at all the people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday greetings.. got a few emails from friends doing the same.

I wonder what I have learned in the past 60 years…. well…. lets see

Don’t believe a women when she tells you, “Fine”. No, things are not fine!

When a politician tells you they are there to help, don’t believe them!

When in a drought and the weatherman tells you, it might rain, don’t believe him.. if it does, it will be a wonderful surprise!

When you have a spring blizzard and your wondering if you will lose power to the electricity lines, go ahead and plan on it!

When you see an ad for something free, it will NOT be free.. oh sure, one of the items might be, but believe me, you will pay, somehow…

When dealing with an old fat man, in any kind of game, you can pretty much figure he is going to cheat to win. (just ask my grandkids!)

Thank you to all who took time out of your day to reach out to me! Makes an old guy feel kind of special!

5 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Poops! I missed your special day hope it was good. What is the exact date? I am hoping to visit you in April perhaps with my friend John perhaps? How would that work for you? He would love to get to know you and I would love to see you and your family again. He would appreciate all of the woodworking in your cabin, Done by chance. We would also take care of ourselves and contribute some work, whatever we can. I appreciate your blog and enjoy it take care XO Ruth and PS my Thoracicoutlet syndrome pinching my Nerves and blood vessels to my arms are improving with Botox injections into the muscles there, exercise, physical therapy. I am thankful for that! Less need to use alcohol for pain. You know sometimes I’ve been pretty desperate in the pain department. It often takes a very long time to get this diagnosis, and thankfully it’s responding to appropriate treatment, based on the female physician actually listening to me and not dismissing me and disrespecting me and pooh-poohing me. She ordered some logical test and it all came together. It’s been a long haul, and a desperate one but I am turning a corner. Keep me in your loop about your day-to-day things or week to week if you have. Otherwise I continue to follow your blog. Happy b-day! Is it true you’re only 60 now? I am 61. Take care XO bye-bye

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    1. Hi, today is the day, January 13. 61 today. Yeah, come out in April or when ever you can and bring your friend.. great to hear they are getting something done, pain wise, for you… thanks for the comment!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sorry this is so late, that’s how far behind I am on my reading. Hope it was a good one

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