Kind of cool out there this morning, but they are claiming we will hit 40 in a few days… All the kids and grandkids were here for Thanksgiving.. had a couple extras also.. Chances kids didn’t get here until late in the afternoon as they had been with their mother… Tate tried to cook a turkey in the ground, but found out they didn’t have enough coals so we had to finish it in the oven.. still had bit of a smokey taste to it… I tried smoking a couple of turkey thighs and they would have been good if I hadn’t followed the directions, cooked it too hot for too long.. tasted good but very very dry and hard.. I will remember for next time… weather has been great.. went to Red Owl yesterday morning for a brunch at the Hall and most of the water was ice free on the dam.. we have a light dusting of snow out there this morning… not much of a breeze… cattle have plenty of grass to eat, so it has been a good fall… maybe winter is going to hold off until what the calendar tells us is the first day of winter, Dec 21…We have our Cowboy Christmas Concert coming up at Lead in a couple weeks, and a couple of there young ladies of this area , Shilo Hewitt and Sarah Moreland and I will be doing a Christmas concert at the Hall on Dec 21.. we have practiced a bit but need to get together another time and work on the songs a bit more.. should be fun. Hope everyone is having a good fall and early winter!

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