Hmmm, what have I been doing?

Not real sure, seems like there is something to do every day, but really can’t seem to remember what I did.. After Mass today, Tate and I hooked up to Chances flatbed and headed to Custer and on thru’ a bit and got a load of logs for Tate to mill on his sawmill… we got home after dark, but still got them unloaded… not sure what I am am doing tomorrow… yesterday, Cindy and I took off early, picked up Gabe and hauled him to Sturgis for a wrestling match… he had 3 matches and won them all, the first two by pins and the last one by points… he is improving every year… getting so tall! Dang kid stole my saddle and didn’t even have to change the stirrup length! And he’s only 13! Warmer today…got up into the 40’s around here, a bit cooler in the Black Hills according to the thermometer in there pickup…and that is about all for now.

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