Still nice weather

But we have ben doctoring sick calves…lost a couple… not sure why we go through this every fall.. seems like everybody does… we caught and doctored 7 yesterday and 7 today, tho’ one of those was a steer we cut last week and his bag was stolen up huge… almost looked like a foot ball down there, we split his healed over bag open and I pulled lots of clots out.. when we let him loose he was bleeding a bit out omit so evidently we got it, I hope.. gave him an antibiotic… couple we caught to day just seemed to be getting it… but we decided we were there and it wouldn’t hurt them.. this has been going on for about a month.. hopefully the shots we gave a week ago will kick in soon and stop all this.. other than that, it has been warmish, windy the past few days and supposed to start that u again tomorrow and go for at least part of this week… hard to complain when it is nice as it is and as much grass as the cows have to eat..

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