Warmish.. must be July!

Went in to town yesterday afternoon, for Cindy’s sisters wedding.. she was a beautiful bride..we are getting old, Cindy had to work today so we left fairly early.. got home about 10:30.. we were going to move some cows today but one calf was missing.. not sure how we did it, but we have a cow in the bunch with out a calf.. haven’t found any dead ones so don’t know what the deal is.. she sure messed up our plans.. guess we will do it tomorrow after Mass… I worked on leather today, basement where my shop is stays pretty cool so it was a good place to work… looks like it is going to try and rain on us tonight.. fixed up a barebones saddle for me seeing as Gabe has stolen my other one… went out and rode it on Pard this afternoon and looked at the cows.hot wind blowing… I bet these guys who have hay down are liking it as it really ought to be curing the hay quick..

3 thoughts on “Warmish.. must be July!

  1. Hey good to hear your update. I am feeling better. Got my medications straightened out. Hard to get doctors in one hospital to talk to each other…… How ridiculous is that? I have my steroid injections in my cervical spine joints for herniated desk‘s and arthritis on Monday I am looking forward to a better year and my ticket is redeemable well, I got a credit for within a year so I am aiming to see you. You guys are great fun and great people we have had the rain as well. I am babysitting a pitbull for the money as well as for the fact that it is a very good dog. Despite the overall negative stigma of the breed. It’s a female and it’s how they are raised in my humble opinion. Take care guys thanks for the posts. Love you bye-bye

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  2. And sorry to report, as a result of medication side effects weekend and an activity I no longer fit into that really cool belt that you gave me. However do not send me any more belts I will not remain the size, the size, watch me I won’t I’m getting rid of these bullshit medications excuse my language. Don’t let the younger ones read this

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