It’s been awhile

We’ve been having a great summer.. rained a lot.. people have been having a hard time getting hay put up between the rains, until the past week or so… grass and hay everywhere,,, sure looks better than last year!

The boys found some pasture away from here, so we sorted pairs last week and weekend and got some hauled up to it.. had some get in the neighbors right away.. pushed thru some poor fence in a mud hole fighting flies.. Game and I went up early Monday morning and gigot them back.. heard of one of our cows in another pasture.. we couldn’t find her.. came up short on the count but there are so many little water holes with so much grass around it that we decided she may have gotten back in and we just missed her.. pasture is pretty rough and the only good way to see it all is horseback… I dropped Gabe off for summer church school and then went home.. got a call about noon for the next door neighbor to this pasture and his neighbor had found her…so I loaded up a horse and went back… got her back and she was hot and tired… Tae checked the next morning and din’t see any tight based cows so hopefully she found her calf… we need to sort off more this weekend and haul them u there…if we would have known we were going to have summer grass, we would have ear tagged, cow and calf the same… oh well, ain’t no high step for a stepper!

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