A good day

This morning me and the three little urchins in the photo on  top of this blog, saddled up and rode out amongst them… we got some cattle moved to better, fresher grass.. got back and unsaddled at noon… we also moved some bulls away from neighboring cattle across the road… this afternoon a whole bunch of little and big urchins went with me and we fixed some fence, so I can move some cattle tomorrow into that pasture, if i want or need to.. then this late afternoon, a bunch of them urchins and one dad went with me to the corral, one big urchin rode a young horse while the male urchins and I worked on the roping dummy, practicing.. they are getting the hang of throwing a pretty decent heel loop under the dummy… we did it al afoot… when they get good enough a it, then we will try it horseback… got pretty warm today but had a breeze earlier… kind of warm now and the breeze has died down.. sure ought to be making the grass grow…

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