Brody and my latest bronc attack!

Soon….. evident;y Brody does NOT like snakes… Brody is a horse I started quite a few years back, got turned out, sent to somebody to ride for a bit, came home, got turned out, Tate rode his a bit, then he got turned out… Lige rode him a bit but didn’t care for him… Tate rode him a week or so ago and said he didn’t like him… I needed to move some cows, pretty easy job, so I thought I’d just ride Brody and see why no one like him… I warmed him up in the round corral.. he wanted to be silly, I got him to understand I don’t care for silly horses… 😀…fiddled around and got on, rode him a bit and everything seemed fine, so went out to move the cows.. heck, we got along fine, his ol’ ears were really working, looking for a buddy or something, when he sen a cow he wanted to go to them and work them… got most of the cows moved and gates shut…one cow tried sneaking back, so we went after her.. we were just walking along, trying not to spook her, to get around her and all of a sudden, my left knee is about even with my saddle horn! Wow, he can really jump fast, gave one more half hearted hop and I got squared away… then I seen the bull snake.. come on Bro’, he’s just a bull snake! Not even a rattle snake… we discussed it and agreed that we would avoid any kind of snake in the future… sure was glad my guardian Angle was looking over me, I am too old and fat to hit the ground..

POST Script,,,,, went back to check on the cow and calf, he still hadn’t got any tits open… so Tate and Gabe and I saddled up and went back.. I got her roped on the horns (she can really run fast!!! ) Tate caught a hind foot, we stretched her out and Gabe couldn’t get her tits open, so we got her tied and Tate got short and I got down and got them open.. of course by then, her calf had run of,,, I got around her but couldn’t get her to go to where the ca;f went, as she got on the fight, so left her.. hopefully they will get it all straightened out by morning.. Game rode Dunny in the two rein for the first time…

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