More mud!

Got a strong inch of rain at the tail end and into the weekend… we love it! Green grass everywhere baby calves dropping out of cows around here… found a bummed twin calf this morning… brought him in and got good stuff in his belly.. sounds like several people are looking for baby calves, os they can have him for the right price. nice F1 blackbaldy bull… had  lost of the local branding already… got one tomorrow and another on Saturday.. we have another scheduled for the 2nd of June.. not sure when we will work ours, probably the mid part of June… with Chance being the Schwans man we about have to do it on a Saturday and most of the local kids are all in rodeo’s every weekend until July, seems like.. maybe it will just be mostly a bunch of older people… that’s fine, we will get them done.. heck, I can turn just my grandkids loose on them and that is a bunch of kids! Not much else to report.. sure nice weather…

5 thoughts on “More mud!

  1. Sounds like a hell of a lot of work Robert and Cindy, but beautiful sound harsh where you live, but with your family around you all working together. A very musical bunch! One or two of you try to break away sometime and come and visit me OK. Is very green here lots of lakes and the cool stuff happening. Take care XO bye-bye

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  2. Thanks Marianne… I was just thinking, its kind of like Heaven, we slog thru’ cold and snow and misery for a long time, to get to be here where we are , at this time, now… totally worth it!

  3. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures on facebook, wonderful photos. I love this weather, even if we do have to slog through mud! Our colors are still pretty light green but still wonderful to see green!

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