Winter feed

We took off the other morning and went back to Aberdeen area and got to flat bed loads of hay, behind the pickups, Tate’s and mine… Chance rode with me… long day but good hay and they pulled good..then yesterday morning Tate and I took off and left Chance and we went back on the other side of Huron and got two loads.. almost as good of hay, poorer roads.. man, coming east out of Ft Pierre that road is beat up! Not sure why, can’t think of any heavy loads that would be going west… it sucks until you get west of Hayes.. make your pickup and trailer buck and jump like a bucking horse.. Tate’s load must have been different than mine or he is just young enough to handle it, but I had to slow down.. I was afraid I would tear the neck off the trailer or break a spring! Sad part is, we need to go get at least a couple more loads… Bridger hill was fun to go down and pull up the other side… Ol’ Blue just flat got down on his belly and pulled… if I had a truck that handled loads as good as this one ton Dodge Dually and an automatic like it has, I’d go to trucking hay! I think we averaged about 8 miles to the gallon over and back, both days..

Chance had several local loads on trucks come in and he unloaded and rikked and stacked them up.. got more to come…

Rained a bit last night and supposed to be more going in today and tonight.. let it pour! We will take it.. back there on the other side of Huron, it is lush green and water in ditches.. looks like heaven after this dry ol’ country around here.. too bad it’s so far.. we’d just haul cows out there and let them guys feed them all winter! But it would cost us almost twice as much as buying the hay and feeding it ourselves…


5 thoughts on “Winter feed

  1. Roads around here are beat up for a surprising reason…legions of Amish horses and wagons. Steel wheels and hundreds of shot hooves going day and night tear the pavement right up and leave a mess of potholes. New pavement of the sort they put down on rural roads might last a year. Whodathunkit? Glad you are getting in your hay and getting a little moisture.

    1. These 3×3 x8 were can get 24 on.. probably could get another row but I don’t want to haul that much weight on this trailer..

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