This and that

Had neighbors stop over to borrow a calf fork this morning, sat around and had a great visit… then I went and got the tractor and started to do something and noticed I ought to clean a little in the corral.. was doing that when Cindy came and got me and told me I had to make a phone call.. stopped that and made the call, it was about noon so made some lunch, then after a nap went back to it.. had the horses in so caught the team and took them for a spin.. first in the corral and then a short drive outside. Rill had a messed up bridle so quite before we got in a wreck and came up and fixed it.. it was getting on towards evening by then so saddled Pilgrim and rope around the drop bunch then up north to check water and cattle.. nice ride, put my mind in a peaceful place, not sure why i don’t do stuff like that more often.. country is green but dry, we sure could use a long steady rain but will take what ever we can get… got some pretty good pictures and video this evening…

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. We have has less then 5 inches of rain since Christmas in Florida and about every day has been 90 or so. Suppose to get rain the next few days. Hope it is a nice slow soaking rain.

  2. Lotsa of places are dry I read, and many are getting flooded.. looks like the weatherman would get that sorted out! D

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