Water work

For some time now, we’d had a bubbling spring out here on the new waterline, and also recently found another one at a well that hooks on to Tate and Kass’s house, so day before yesterday we ran in and got a backhoe rented.. tore into the mud and dug and dug and finally found what we thought was causing the problem out here, so moved on to the next one down by T & K’s… dug and dug and again, found the leak, went to Punkin Center for stuff to fix it.. got home and found we didn’t have some of the stuff we thought we did, so had to return to Punkin Center.. by then it was close enough to noon that we went ahead and ate a bite… returned home and dug and fixed and fixed and dug and went on to other things, only to return and see we still had water leaks.. dug some more and found the problem here.. Tate came back and got the hoe as his was still leaking so we finally found another leak just as it was getting too dark to continue… he is after parts, I am waiting impatiently…. hopefully we get it all fixed and i can go on to other things and perhaps return the backhoe by this afternoon… they rent by the day, so the quicker we get it back the cheaper it is… the wind has been blowing pretty hard for 3 days at least.. sure hope it blows up a good rain, we sure need it…

2 thoughts on “Water work

  1. Hopefully we have it working now.. this is much nicer than in the basement, at least there is only grass to get wet with ours! Hope you get yours back to working!

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