A little breezy

Like about 40 or 50 mph gusts… typical spring weather… heck, typical anytime weather around here.. there is a reason there used to be so many windmills around these parts… did odds and ends stuff, supposed to get some trees planted in the next few days so worked on getting a water line over to where I can water them.. if I don’t water them, they don’t seem to grow as fast. Almost like the Good Lord never intended for trees to grow around here except on the creeks.. worked on some leather.. checked cows, even fed a little hay to the drop bunch, they like that dry hay with all this short green washy grass… had a cow calving right in front of the house so Cindy made me watch her as she thought she was taking to long.. set up my scope and watched and finally seen a foot and a head, so went and saddled a horse and went to get her, when I got there, she had him.. he’s doing fine, along with quite a few others I found that were born today… need to move some pairs around, tho I did shut some gates and set it up so a bunch got cut of from the drop bunch and could go with the mothers once they find the open gates… I will probably try and ride tomorrow and move some around if it isn’t too nasty out.. pairs don’t move upwind in blustery rainy weather, for shucks…

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