Another spring day

Got the bulls branded and moved out to pasture today… had to fuss around to get a blow torch to work, finally just dug a small hole in the ground and stuck it in there with some pitch wood.. Cindy and Hope and the kids helped me and Chance…Gabe, Gus, Lige and Sam all helped me move the cows from down south across the road to the north.. they will get moved up to Harry’s in the next few days.. first branding of the season tomorrow… more calves born today, we left 3 new ones down south and I will have to move them across the road in the next few days.. Cindy sez it seems all haphazard or something.. evidently she doesn’t approve,but she ain’t giving any pointers on what to do different… and she ain’t saddling up and moving cows so I guess her opinion don’t count for much! Chilly start to the day but got nice, tho’ not real warm… perfect weather for the last part of April…

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