Still Nice Weather

Tho’ we’ve had some wind, but then, it is March and it is South Dakota…

Boys helped me get a bunch of my leather working tools and benches out of the old house and in to the new shop in the new basement, seems like I have more room, but you wouldn’t hardly know it… I need to get more shelves and places to store stuff… I can do some leather work now.. got a saddle to build and odds and ends of things that have been backing u while I was waiting to get this new shop set up. Tate has pretty much taken over the old house for his wood shop.. it’s odd to not have things where I don’t even have to think where they are, can just put my hand on them.. now I have to think and we all know how hard that is for me! Getting a few calves out of a small bunch of heifers of Dusty’s also a couple out of a few cows I bought last fall… sounds like we got a little moisture coming in in the next day or so, but it is the equinox and the old timers always said you’d get some at that time… so I guess we should expect it..

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