Weather, that is, must be up over 50 and supposed to do the same tomorrow… we got the cows in from the east pasture and sorted off ones in better shape and put them down south, there is grass down there and barrels, they don’t need hay and that is in short supply and not real cheap, so as long as we can, we’d like to save some.. then ones we kept in we used lice control on……, this dang pour on you use at preg time sure doesn’t seem to do any good for lice, I am about to quit using it and just plan on delousing them this time of the year… I kept the two ponies in as the crested is starting to green up and they are prone to grass founder and seeing as I kept them in I also kept the team in. Sam went with me and we harnessed and hooked them together and drove them around in the corral. Tate and boys showed up about then so Tate helped me hook them to the chariot and Lige opened the gate for me into the big corral.. they did good, seeing it’s been quite awhile since they were last driven, of course Roz is broke to death but her sister Rill is still plenty green, a few more trips and some miles and I could go to using them by myself.. it was nice to be out and about and be over dressed, hope it stays like this until late sprain then gets steal nice! Cindy came down to the old house and took all the stuff out of my Grandmothers china cabinet and Tate and I loaded and hulled it into the new house, so she’s puttering around cleaning it up, since Tate use the old house for his wood working shop there is sawdust on everything.. I need to get my leather working stuff up here, but started to paint on the floor in the basement and I am supposed to let it set a few days between coats of paint.. not sure how we will move all the benches thru’ all the stuff Tate has in there, but I bet we will figure something out..

One thought on “Nice!

  1. Mother nature doesn’t know what she wants to throw at us. Sounds like the new house is getting well established now! Love the video of you all singing a playing! What a very talented family.

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