Man, it’s a nice day!

Sun is shining, no wind to speak of, snow is trying to melt.. really nice! Chance and i got the big bunch of cows in the corral.. I had to clean some gates of hard packed snow so they would swing, but then got them in, sorted off some more of the thinner backed ones and the ones moving slow.. this cold spell sure took some condition off them… these stay in closer and get fed better, tho’ the others get all they need, but now I can feed them further out and hopefully they will be able to move around and pick.. supposed to stay nice for the extended outlook, talking 45 on Wednesday.. I hope it stays good like they until spring then gets real nice!

Had my 59th birthday and had a real good day. Cindy fed me to good and spoiled me and got lots of notes from friends all over. All the boys called and the grankids all wished me a Happy birthday. It was one of the best I’ve ever had.

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