Been just above freezing for the highs the past week and some below temps, at least at night, then thew wind blows to the windchill is pretty cold. Been feeding quite a bit of hay, pushing some snow and staying warm. Sounds like we may get up in the 20’s tomorrow and then back to single digits for the rest of the week for highs and perhaps one more snow. Got some pretty big drifts and we’ve been pushing trails out. Cows are all close to the buildings so it’s pretty handy to feed. Wish I had a bale unrulier that would handle these heavier bales. Need to re-build the one I’ve got so the front don’t pop up in the air when you hook on to a bale and then make these fat horses do some work. The tractor wouldn’t run right the other day and it was ice in the water evaporator or separator or what ever. Had to run to Rapid and get a new fuel filter and it’s run fine ever since… sure glad Chance and Tate are better mechanics than I am! We put in a new tank just north of the new house and got it hooked up last fall, but the tire is too big and has too much rise in the center so it’s hard to keep enough water over the float and enough water circulating as cows drink it, to keep it working like it should. That is on the to do list for next summer… put in a smaller tire tank and make it work better.. may even cover it so it has less chance to freeze… this one has a cover on the cement ring in the middle where the inlet comes in, but it just isn’t deep enough, so twice a day at least, you go break ice so it will work right… sure am appreciating this front wheel assist tractor!

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