Uh oh…

Chance Tate and I had an appointment in Sturgis yesterday, so they rode with me then we went on to Rapid to the chiro, and then came home.. this morning Cindy and I headed south to Wall, signed papers for a loan on a new pickup then went on and took delivery at Kadoka. 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 dually. Drives and rides almost as nice as a Caddy.. got the Cummins engine.. sure like it, but now we have to pay for the dang thing.. anyone looking, give Mike a call at Billion Auto in Sioux Falls. We looked and tried to make a deal in the Hills but couldn’t get what we wanted for the same money.


I’ll see how it handfuls a load tomorrow when I go get bulls. Hope I have better luck than the last time when I blew a trailer tire with no lug wrench to take it off with.. oh well, I got new tires on the trailer, so it will probably be fine..

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