Been getting up around or over a hundred every day lately. I put two window air conditioners in the new house and it makes it bearable… Cindy is thinking central air!

Our friend Carl has been here most of this week getting photographs for a new deal he is working on. Revisiting all the people he took photos of 20 years ago. Hopefully most of us will be around to do it again in another 20!

Rick came and helped with the house a couple days this week. He and Tate got lots done. It’s getting closer to done, but still plenty to do and it ain’t no fun when it gets this hot… Wyatt stopped in and helped one day also.

The hailstorm a week or so ago had a sliver ling. A guy who had bees out in the area that got hammered came and asked to set them up here where we weren’t effected, so we now have some bees and will get some honey. I’ve wanted some for years but never could get anyone interested.. hopefully they will help get some alfalfa seed this fall on old hay ground we grazed early.

4 thoughts on “Hot!

  1.’s been averaging 102F with 55-65% humidity here in Ala-BAMA,on my front porch in the shade, for about 7-10 days. I’m usually out afore the sun rises and in the house by 11:00am. Just a normal Summer here. The pictures ya posted on the Facebook of the house look Great!! Yall keep Cool up there and drink plenty of water, save the beer for nighttime…

  2. Sounds like things are progressing great. Bees are great, the hubby still has to go and get the honey off ours yet. We have a box out back and one at his aunt and uncles. Nothing like fresh honey, and pollination!

    1. When I got home from town today, there was a whole bunch of honey setting here in front of the house with the guys card. Not sure who all is going to eat it, but we have enough for a long time now!

      1. That is the great thing about honey it last a long time. I read that they found some in one of the pyramids that was thousands of years old and it was still good.

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