First night

Cindy and I spent our first night in the new house last night. We got the waterbed in and filled yesterday and a toilet installed in the upper bathroom. I say we put too much water in the new waterbed mattress, but Cindy said it’s the first morning she hasn’t waken with a back ache, so we will see how that goes! Chance and Hope got flooring down in the mudroom yesterday, Tate and Chance and I got the refig installed, tho’ we couldn’t hook up the water for the ice maker yet.. missing a fitting, seems like there is a lot of that going around.. we still need to get more lights hooked up. I wanted to put flooring in the ย mail level bathroom, but the boys want to get sheetrock in it first.. they did get the basement bathroom, sheet rocked..still lots of things to do, chinking (I had to chink in the bedroom yesterday so that wall would be done where the bed sets and we wouldn’t have to drain and move it) trim and this and that.. it was a very quiet night and strange to be sleeping pointing a different direction.. had to get up and walk down to the old house to make me some breakfast.. Tate has been installing kitchen cabinets and working on building counter top…Tate and Kass have a wedding to attend today, so we need to get some cows moved while he isn’t here to crack the whip on us! Might get a few more things done on the house, but seems to me we will be working on this house for a long time to come…

9 thoughts on “First night

  1. What a wonderful adventure it must be to hand build the house you will live in. I love the look and the craftsmanship you and your family have created.

  2., pictures!!!..Mi-T-Glad yall are making so much progress. Bout bet yall felt like ya were sleeping in somebody else’s home…

  3. It is hard to load photo’s on here, you just need to get on Facebook Ol James, there are lots of photos of it on there! ๐Ÿ˜€

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