Bronc match

Tonight at Philip. Monday afternoon Cindy and I hauled a load of dries down to Philip for the Tuesday Sale. Chance and I hauled a few more down Monday morning then waited for them to sell.. not real shiny, but better than Chance expected on his. Got a nice rainMonday evening, somewhere from a half inch to one and a half inch, depending on who you talked to.. sure helped wash the dust off the grass. Cindy and I ran into town yesterday and went to Francis Hanzliks funeral. She was a real nice lady. We went to the chiro afterwards and both of us got worked on. Helped me feel better. I rode over and got a cow off from Del’s on Red Owl creek this morning. Ol’ fool ought to know better than to go over there! 😀 She wasn’t much of a chore for me and Pilgrim. Tate helped me change out the headlights on Teddy this morning.. ought to be able to see better at night now.

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