Another hot one

Went up north and branded some calves today, smaller but real good crew.. the owner is 89 and his wife younger, she helped gather and he watched the gate and grumbled about us “kids”! 😀 Went smooth and we got them done before it got real hot, got him about 4 and it was 100 and a south east wind blowing about 30 mph.. supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow, from the last report i read.. got some clouds off to the west and a chance of rain later in the week, sure hope we get some, it’s green but we could use a drink.. Chance and I had Lige and Gabe and Gus, there were a few first calf heifer calves at the end in a different bunch so us older guys took a kid and helped them wrassle and taught them the way we wanted them to hold calves.. they’d all done it before, but mostly set on the back so we showed them how to use their weight and leverage to hold down the front and how to help the crew who were dehorning, giving shots and stuff… it’s good for these kids to learn this stuff and learn it so Grampa don’t cuss them! 😀

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