Got a big bunch of our calves worked yesterday, good crew. we worked the cows too… everything went smooth. Dusty brought Crackerjack home and drug some calves on him. Raymond Wattenhofer was here and said he got over 2000  pictures.. hopefully some will make great paintings for him. Gus and I rode out this morning and moved some pairs out of the old hay filed, north of the house. At noon, I went and voted ( not that there was much to vote for) there Gabe and Lige came up and I hauled them up to a roping clinic, we got home about 5 ate a bite then rode out and moved some pairs north that were out east, next to the road.. I rode Crackerjack and got a long fine.. supposed to go help Dustin brand tomorrow.. Chance went in to the chiro as he has a bum knee and hip where I collapsed part of a bank on him the other day, working on waterlines.. he is supposed to go along, we will see..