Nice day

Little breeze, but not bad…after Mass, this afternoon, Tate and Gabe and Chance and Gus and I went out and kicked out pairs.. they were getting pretty thick.. when we got done, I fed, only about half what I’ve been feeding, the grass is coming on and they ain’t very crazy about hay.. probably won’t feed much more now.. I rode Hub for his first outside excursion putting out pairs.. he did great. Gonna be real nice when he’s finished. Dustin Dennis did a great job on him. I am plumb tickled.. got bran dings coming up this week.. Chance and the kids are out working with the forge.. Hope took some photos of some of the things we made and will post them on my page on Facebook.. men’s group here in a bit.. we haven’t met for the past couple weeks, so I am looking forward to it.. probably be hit and miss from now until fall as everyone is getting busy…


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