Typical spring day

Worked on leather this morning, Cindy went to work, a little before noon, her “part time job’ where she used to work.. I worked on the forge all afternoon and into the evening, getting some cool stuff built, but sure wears an old fat man out.. Chance went with me to check cows tonight, he had a new one to tag. stupid rip had him in a shallow ditch with some water in it, he got him out and tagged, when we come back he was up and sucking and walking thru’ the ditch with his mother, some peoples cattle just ain’t too smart… kind of like the one I brought in yesterday of Tates…


prolapse… a day after she calved.. sure hope he puts wheels under her this fall.. we got over 3 inches out of all the snow and rain  we’ve had in the past couple weeks. sure gonna make the grass pop! We are still feeding some hay, grass is slow coming, but that’s why we have the stuff…

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