Cold, then warm back to cold. Cindy and I went to town on Wednesday, for my birthday to go to the chiropractor. We went to the new movie, Revenant. We weren’t real impressed. I don’t know why they used the name Hugh Glass and only took one part from his life and changed everything else.. I imagine Leo will get an Oscar.. it had some cool scenery  but the story line was about like a B movie.. lots of weird stuff that didn’t make much sense and several things that sure were’t right… typical Hollyweird style of western. If they would make a realistic movie of his real life and what he went thru’, that would make a great movie, but I guess they are just too cool to stick to the truth. About like all the “cool” people in this world. the truth doesn’t suit them.. Bit the pup is getting bigger.. she is sure a ferocious thing… ankle biter and pant leg dragger… she can get on the bed now so in the morning  we are awakened by her nips and licks on exposed flesh.. why does anyone want a dang pup? LOL